Prompt Engineering for Enterprise Sales

Aurora Quinn-Elmore
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5 minutes (human), 4.3 seconds (ChatGPT-4)
Prompt Engineering for Enterprise Sales
Sales leaders who are paying attention know their world will be transformed over the next 6-24 months and beyond.

We’re beginning to see a flood of generative AI tools tailored to sales and marketing use cases.

Salesforce and Hubspot recently rolled out new AI features across their suite of tools for sales, marketing, customer support, data, and automation. The two platforms took a somewhat different approach, but at a high level they use generative AI to automate actions, personalize customer communications, generate tailored reports, and extract insights.

Both tools introduce functionality that allows non-technical team members to create insights and experiences that in the past would have required assistance by data science or engineering teams.

Screenshot from Salesforce's Einstein AI launch announcement

There are a TON of companies such as Jasper AI that have sprung up with a specific focus on  using generative AI for a variety of copy writing tasks including sales and marketing. 

There are more technically complex tools like Clay that combine API integrations, automation, and generative AI to take prospecting and email personalization to the next level. 

Finally there are browser plugins like Autobound that pull in client details from a CRM, combine it with live data from LinkedIn etc, and use generative AI to draft highly personalized cold emails across any web based email platform.

Generative AI is becoming table stakes for sales platforms and successfully leveraging it to achieve personalization at scale will increasingly drive the success of sales teams.

Scaling Account Research and Personalization

Enterprise sales leaders know that research and personalization work. 

They know their teams will close bigger deals faster if they take the time to deeply research target accounts and craft personalized messages with useful insights for specific decision makers. 

But it's tough to know what the right tradeoffs are between quantity of outbounds and quality of messaging. 

Generative AI chatbots with access to the internet such as Google’s Bard, Bing Chat, and ChatGPT with the browsing feature enabled can be a powerful tool for sales teams to speed up this kind of in depth research and personalization. 

Using these tools with carefully crafted and chained prompts can significantly speed up account research, synthesis, and deep personalization that might normally take a salesperson targeting enterprise decision makers hours.  

Prompts for Research

Next time you’re researching an enterprise company with lots of information available online, try booting up your favorite chatbot with access to the internet. 

You’ll get richer responses if you're thoughtful about the order in which you ask your questions since the chatbot will build context over time.

Wherever you’re using these tools, it's important to remember that current AI technology has the known failure mode of “hallucinating” plausible sounding answers that aren’t true. 

It's important to fact check responses from advanced chatbots. Just pretend you’re talking to a smart, eager to please intern who has a flexible relationship with the truth. 

Here are a few prompts to try with Google’s Bard, Bing Chat, or ChatGPT with the browsing feature enabled

Company Overview
"Browse the web and provide me with a summary of the company [prospect company] covering topics such as: what industry it's in, its number of employees, when it was founded, and where it's headquartered."

Solutions and Value Propositions
"Browse [prospect company]'s website and provide a list of solutions they offer and the value proposition for each solution."

ChatGPT-4 research on Microsoft's solutions.
Industry Trends
"Browse the web and tell me what you find about the industry [prospect company] is in and how trends in that industry or the broader economy are likely impacting their business."

Market Share
"Browse the web and tell me what you find about [prospect company]’s financial health and market share."

Top Competitors
"Look for information on to get a list of [prospect company]’s alternatives and competitors."

ChatGPT-4's research on Microsoft's competitors.

"What can you tell me about the relative strengths and weaknesses of [prospect company]’s competitors?"

Key Challenges
"Browse the web and tell me what you find about [prospect company]’s key challenges given their industry, the broader economy, or any information you can find online."

Strategic Priorities
"Browse the web to see if there are any statements by [prospect company]’s leadership team about their strategic priorities."

"Browse the web for recent announcements, blog posts, or news coverage about [prospect company]'s strategic priorities."

Prompts for Personalization

Generative AI chatbots are also a powerful tool to think through which personas to target and how to personalize your pitch. 

The copy generated isn’t always the most sophisticated, but it can help you get unstuck by generating a first draft, alternative phrasing, and options for subject lines. 

Buyer Personas
"I'm an SDR at [your company’s name] and below is a list of our solutions and their value propositions. Based on the information below, what are the buyer personas you think I should reach out to at a company like [prospect company]? [list your company’s solutions and value propositions]"
ChatGPT-4's suggestions for user personas at Microsoft who might be interested in Silktide's solutions.

Finding Pain Points
"Give me suggestions for online research I can do about [prospect company] to try to find evidence of specific pain points that would be addressed by specific [your company’s name] solutions."
ChatGPT-4's suggested research to identify Microsoft pain points that could be addressed by Silktide's solutions.

Email Openers
"You’re a brilliant SDR. Please draft the first two sentences of an email to a potential buyer at [prospect company]. In the first sentence, describe [customer pain point you discovered]. In the second sentence, explain how one or two of [your company’s name] solutions can solve that specific problem."

Subject Lines
"You’re a brilliant SDR. Please draft 5 subject lines for each email targeting specific buyer personas at [prospect company], their pain points, and the [your company’s name] value propositions that are most likely to resonate with them."

By integrating prompts like this into your normal workflow and taking a bit of time every week to try out new tools and strategies you’ll be WAY ahead of most of your competition. 

How Metamorph AI Can Help You Keep Up

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