Custom-built AI solutions

Get real-world value, fast

We typically aim to build a usable prototype that delivers real-world benefits in under one month.

The rapid explosion in capabilities can make AI difficult to predict – without testing, how can you know how good an AI’s judgment might be at automating a specific task? In our experience, most applications require some iteration and real-world testing. For this reason we recommend short, rapid development sprints to demonstrate and assess value.

Save time with a strong Foundation™️

Our in-house Foundation framework allows us to build high-quality AI-powered applications in a fraction of the usual time.

We have pre-engineered solutions for common problems, such as distributed processing, web crawling, user interfaces, and user authentication. This toolkit of tried-and-tested solutions allows us to skip re-inventing the wheel and focus on where we can deliver unique value for your organization.

Adopt modern technology

All of our software solutions are written on a modern technical stack, that was designed to support rapid development, be maintainable, and be widely supported.

We make extensive use of the latest version of NextJS, a modern framework built on the widespread React library. For appropriate backend tasks, we also leverage Python, and various cloud-based databases.

For most projects, we will use some combination of paid AI services (e.g. OpenAI GPT, Anthropic Claude, Midjourney) and open source libraries (e.g. Auto-GPT, LangChain, Cohere).

Integrate from day one

All of our AI applications are built as APIs-first. This means that you can have your own software and systems talk directly to the ‘smart’ part of your AI application, and use it directly, without people.

This allows your own developers and IT staff to integrate parts of your systems directly into your newly developed AI, without requiring additional development. In most other applications, this would require an additional – potentially expensive – step.

Own your code and your data

Upon completion of a project, we transfer rights for the source code to you. This allows you to host, modify, and realize commercial value from the finished software that was created during the project.

This also gives you the freedom to host the application yourself, using industry standard cloud hosting solutions such as Vercel, AWS, or Azure.

If you prefer, Metamorph offers fully managed hosting, allowing you to focus your IT capabilities elsewhere. You can change your mind at any time.

How it works

  1. We help you discover opportunities to leverage AI within your business
  2. We design a prototype application that your organization can use for real-world benefit
  3. Our software is delivered in short sprints, typically weekly
  4. We help you deploy, host, iterate, and assess the solution
  5. The process repeats as needed

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